Dalarna has given me great opportunities to build an international career!

When Cathrine Hekkala was choosing a trainee program after her master studies in Engineering Physics, the choice fell on Hitachi Energy in Ludvika. A choice that has given her career a great boost in many ways, especially in terms of her ambition to work internationally.

”Dalarna is an good starting point for an international career,” she says. ”Hitachi Energy has an international environment where I can meet colleagues from all over the world and build global networks both in Ludvika and at the company’s sites abroad. The trainee program gave me a perfect start and a great chance to get to know the company.”

Foto: Hitachi/Jonas Bilberg

Great start to her career

In September 2020, Cathrine moved from Karlstad to Ludvika in Dalarna to start the trainee program at Hitachi Energy. After completing the six-month program, she got a permanent position as a project manager in production technology at Hitachi Energy’s Power Transformers department. The department manufactures transformers and Cathrine’s role includes leading strategic, long-term projects.

”The trainee program was very good for me,” says Cathrine. ”The people working in the program and at the company are highly competent and very helpful, creating an informal family-like atmosphere that is beneficial for my development. We often work closely together and there are excellent opportunities to switch between different departments and thus develop in several different areas. And of course, it is also very interesting to work in an industry of the future with a focus on electric power and green energy. Despite the recession, we are working at full capacity.”

Dalarna, Cordoba and the rest of the world

At the time of writing, Cathrine is on assignment at Hitachi Energy’s factory in Cordoba in southern Spain. The assignment is part of the trainee program, which includes working for three to six months at one of the company’s factories outside of Sweden.

”It is a very interesting assignment and I have a similar position as in Ludvika but in the area of Continuous Improvement, where we work to increase efficiency in production but also in other parts of the company. I really appreciate such an opportunity, to experience a different culture, a different language and to get a different perspective. It is challenging and developing on several levels”, says Cathrine.

A smooth move

When moving to a new city or town, housing is often a challenge. But according to Cathrine, it was easy to find a good place in Ludvika. ”I live in the city center of Ludvika with a five-minute walk to work and almost direct access to the gym, nature and outdoor training. For me, who loves to exercise, this is a great advantage. But the best thing about moving here is that it has been very good for my career. Through my work at Hitachi Energy, I evolve and develop both professionally and as a person. My goal is to work even more internationally, and I think Hitachi Energy provides great opportunities for that”, she concludes.

About Cathrine

Name: Cathrine Hekkala

Age: 28

Occupation: Project manager in production technology at Hitachi Energy in Ludvika

Studies: Master of Science in Engineering Physics at Karlstad University

Moved to Dalarna: September 2020